My Mother


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How can I show you Mama how much you mean to me? What can I give you that will stand the test of time? The answer is simple, I will honor and respect you all the days of my life! I love you Mama.


My Mother lyrics

My Mother you were always there for me
My Mother giving me the care I need
My Mother you gave me wings so I could fly
My Mother through the darkness you were my light

Verse 1.

Lord watch over my mama keep her strong
holding on cause she's the family's backbone
I pray you give her strength
I pray you ease her mind whenever she starts to worry
let her know you right on time
hope she always take care of herself health wise
let that body function properly the way that you designed
and when she gets tired help her take a load off
if anybody says some words to hurt her make them roll off!!
off to bed I pray she gets some rest
whenever she sees a new day let her know she's blessed
let her know your mercies new every morning she gets dressed
and when she goes to work
don't let them pile too much work on her desk so
she don't walk out the door
all I'm saying is to provide these things I'm praying for
Dear Lord I want to thank you once again
In Jesus name this I pray, Amen.


Verse 2.

Mama you see where I began I prayed for you cause that's the best
way to show that I love you
you said no to bouquets and even fancy things so I give you
honor and respect mama just like a queen
you're more than a queen!
Queens don't really sit up late night
hoping that they sons ain't getting locked up!
have you ever seen a queen in a courtroom fighting for her son
like the judge is the one who broke the rules
and what about the way a mother always sacrifice
she'll pass but she'll give the kids the last slice
she'll do just what it takes to make a good life
I know this to be true cause this my moms life
so I thank you again, there's no need to pretend
a good mom that loves the Lord is a win win
a good mom when you down she'll lift your chin
and say believe in yourself your gift is within, yeah!


Verse 3.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that some folks ain't got they
mama but they got they grandmama though
grandmama fills the role and she does it well
I know you miss your real mama come pull up a chair
In the past my grandmother took care of me
she'd cook for me wait at school for me
its like she saw something good that I couldn't see in me
now I wanna tell her thank you, you were precious indeed!! man!!
why do we think these women gone be perfect sometimes they make us mad and they push our buttons
sometimes their discipline makes us sit and wonder if God made a mistake when he chose our mothers and grandmothers
I wanna tell you something from my heart
no matter your age you're an intricate part
you are leaving a mark you are making a difference
in the lives of your children just thank you for living
keep on living!


released May 13, 2017



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StreetRevival Houston, Texas

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